los cabos

Los Cabos After Hurricane Odile. by RIMA

As the hurricane was arriving, it was a beautiful sighting. It was 3 pm on Sunday we finished securing our construction projects. I got to see the first front of clouds from Odile... from there I drove home, locked up the house and spent the night with my Family praying the 130 mile and hour winds not take my house away... we are safe. 
The morning after, I was able to leave my house but could not drive around as telephone poles, trees and building debris were all over the streets. I had to bike to my office to see the damage and took my camera to capture the morning after. 
Many people lost their homes, lost all of the material that was outside of their house and if their cars were outside, they have at least one broken windshield. 
In the end, what we lost in Los Cabos is replaceable and with time we will replace it better than before. Its a chance to make a difference, its a time to make a better Cabo for 2015. 
If you would like to take part in rebuilding cabo, start now. More information on how you can help today, at : info@rimadesigngroup.com